„Worldreflexion“ is about


  • worlds that I have experienced and lived in: Experience worlds
  • world wanderers whose worlds and lives have changed, who wandered through worlds, and who changed worlds World wanderers
  • everything about education and pedagogy: Pedagogy world
  • stories and future book projects: Story world

„Worldreflexion“ wants to


  • inspire curiosity  to explore the difference, inspire to observe from different angles to gain new perspectives and to ask ‘What can we learn from the difference, the unknown?’
  • encourage to get out of our comfort zone and make the unknown known
  • inspire to make people more sensitive about the unknown so that we don’t judge hastily
  • inspire discovering new worlds
  • encourage to take risks. The risk to discover maybe something shocking, but for sure something incredibly beautiful

Dive in. Explore. Reflect.

Be inspired! 🙂



Reflection vs. reflexion – a clarification

Before I started my blog I did some research on the spelling of reflection and reflexion. To my surprise I’ve found the same discussion in English-speaking countries (reflection vs. reflexion) like in Germany (Reflektion vs. Reflexion) and a common misunderstanding.


Yes, in general, people use the word reflection and spell it with “ct”. So why spelling it with an “x”? Because there are different meanings.


In my understanding, and what I have learned in my 5 years of studying pedagogy, reflection is focused on a step-by-step-process. First there was this, then there was that.


But reflexion is a deep-going process that focusses on why, what, how etc. Why did it happen? How did it make me feel? What factors had an influence on the situation? Etc.


Also, Fassett and Warren (“Critical Communication Pedagogy”, 2006) have a similar definition that shows very well the difference:

Reflection is “an ordering of what was said when and to whom” while reflexion is “an ongoing effort to call out, to illuminate the (re)creation of ourselves, our values, assumptions, and practices”.


Therefore, reflexion is close to reflexivity which is, referring to Fassett and Warren, the “interrogation of the self, working to understand how that subject comes to be and who that subject authors in return”.


After a while I still got confused after people told me “well, but reflexion is spelled with ct”. So I considered changing the name of my domain (and already changed the name on fb) but then I thought “hold on a second, I’ve done my homework before I started my blog. I chose this spelling because it’s my definition of reflexion. And there is a different meaning of reflection and reflexion!”

So I decided to keep the ‘x’ instead of choosing the ‘ct’… 😉