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“I think I got that from Russians, the hospitality”

Life in Russia changed me somehow. That’s why I have the blog Berlinograd. I have a lot to do with Russians and I am also passionate. I need it sometimes to get out of the shell. Do something new, something crazy. Just feel the feeling of life.

What I also love about Russians is when you go to someone’s place you’ll be invited right away and food will be offered.

If I have an interview with Russians, I am invited to their house and then they ask me “Do you want a glass of water?” And I say “yes” and then a glass of water is put on the table, two glasses, a bottle of cider and then cider will be poured in my glass. But they won’t ask “Would you like a glass of cider?” And it’s so natural that I drink a glass of cider with them.

“To be invited” and “when you come you get something to eat first”, “you’ll be fattened first” – that I also quite like. Or, for example, when my friends bring Ferrero Küsschen as a gift for my birthday, then Russians open it and put it on the table. The gifts are served directly. Germans put it in the cupboard. The good things are put away and later eaten alone.

I think that I got from Russians, the hospitality. Only the best for the guests. I think that’s something I brought from Russia.

Three years ago I moved to Berlin. I’ve looked everywhere for this special blog (something like Berlinograd). That’s what I wanted to have. A guide through the russian Berlin that is representing the people, their idea behind what they do. A blog that shows the creative people from Berlin.

A blog with cool bars. But the bars in which I also went to in Moscow or St. Petersburg. A blog about places I would like in New York. Whether they are Russian, but nevertheless show that Russians are behind the idea. That didn’t exist. And then I thought, “I’ll do it myself now!”

And then I talked about it for a year. A friend said “Do the blog” and she pushed it.

Now I’m doing the blog for two years and it is going very well. I got to know by now amazingly great people, my network has become insanely large in Berlin because I got to know so many people through the blog. I must say, it is a lot of work. I’ve always done a portrait weekly at the beginning, which I can do no more with my job. I try to post every two weeks but that is already difficult.

I always meet with the people, I always go to their neighborhood. So this the concept, I photograph the people in their neighborhood, in their surroundings because the russian german is also part of the protagonist, but also their neighborhood. Their district is a protagonist as well.

I also organize parties. Something that is very cool, is that a lot of people found each other on my events and partly also do projects together. And I think of course that is great. I think it’s nice that I bring people together at these parties and they can talk to each other. There are cameramen, script writers, and when you have a project you can also revert to it.

A friend of mine once said “giving other people a stage is the best thing for me”, and I can sign it very well. Because that is exactly what I like:

Bring people together, connect them, and give them a stage.

I have a niche blog and still reach only a few people and it is absolutely beautiful because it changes the perspective on Russians.

Some say “I found Russians always so stupid, but your Russians are so cool.” This is very rewarding work.

Do you want to know more about the Russian art scene? Then have a look at!




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