Beate: A life with diabetes type 1

An interview with Beate 

Beate putzt_sauber Leben mit Typ 1 Diabetes (German blog)


How did you recognize that something is wrong?

I was 3.5 years old, so it was my parents who recognized that something is wrong. I was weakened by a previous virus, wasn’t fit, and I lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately my doctor at the time didn’t recognize it and I had to be in the clinic, weakened and skinny, for a long time until I adjusted to the medication.

Physically I was doing really badly, my immune system was down. Other than that, my parents said that I was doing well.


How did you deal with your Diabetes?

As far as I know I was very patient – except blood tests, that was awful. Checking (my blood sugar) and injecting was not a big deal, I could do the checking by myself.


How did your life change?

To me, from the child’s perspective, it was very noticeable that my mom visited me at children’s birthdays and brought me my own cake. The therapies back in the days were very different from today and there was always cake that was baked with fructose. The cake was only for me and I found that very cool =) I ALWAYS had to take a bag with a measuring device and fructose, that was sometimes annoying.


How do you feel today with diabetes?

Today I see my diabetes as a strength: It forces me to deal with my body, makes me reflect and maintain a ground structure in chaotic situations.


Are there sometimes still days/situations that are difficult for you?

Sure. Yesterday was one of those days: I wanted to do sports, my blood sugar was low and didn’t get higher and before I could do sports I had to drink a lot of juice. That’s annoying.

In general: When there are little details making my blood sugar crazy and I feel helpless.


Did your view of life change?

I appreciate my health and I’m sensitive to recognize the triggers (like stress, poor diet, positive or negative mood). Without diabetes I might not be able to sense that so well.


On your blog you share experiences with others, what goal do you have with your blog?

Exactly that, on one hand it’s about sharing experiences and listening to the experiences of others. On the other hand I can think and reflect well when I’m writing.

And by the way I want to inform: An active life is possible, you ‘just’ have to organize structure more than the ones with a healthy metabolism.

Also, my blog is not only a diabetes blog: I sometimes also give cleaning tips 😉


What feedback do you get for your blog?

I often discuss with other diabetics and we share experiences. It’s always exciting when friends discover my blog and give me positive feedback. They know that I have diabetes and openly deal with it but usually you don’t get see on a daily base how much work it is.



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