Benjamin (3/3)

“This is where my journey to becoming a healer begins”

I can recall a dream I once had many years ago. I was sitting on some steps at my primary school, and beside me there sat a little boy. That little boy was me. I was in grade one and I was crying. I can recall putting my arm around the younger version of myself and comforting him. The only words exchanged were “Everything is going to be ok.”

In that moment I woke up and I began to cry, but I remember feeling a moment of absolute clarity, that’s when everything changed. I stopped drinking and I started caring for myself, and that little boy inside again. I can’t remember a time that I had ever felt better. It was very empowering to know that I am more than capable and I could do anything. I had a great sense of self that day, and I will never lose that feeling.

I started again to look for experiences to further myself and to learn my lessons. Whether they were good or bad I didn’t care because I believe at the end of the day all lessons are worth it if you’ve learned something. I started to know what I wanted in life.

I began to feel happy and healthy again and I wanted the same for everyone. I wanted to help. I wanted anyone who was going through a rough time to know that everything would be ok if they could just hold on one more day. I wanted to share my experiences with the world, to touch as many people’s hearts as I could.

I wanted to show my love and support to others, to guide them, and to empower anyone who needed help creating a better life for themselves.

I enrolled at a university to study natural medicine. Being an avid tree hugger and past life pagan I knew it was for me. I wanted to return something to the Earth and to the people of the Earth. I wanted to show my love and appreciation for all the natural beauty in this world. I wanted to learn more about nature and its healing power.

I can remember the first day I arrived at the university I was nervous, as I had no idea what to expect. It had been twelve years since high school and many negative thoughts of that time returned to me, only thankfully this time they didn’t linger. My first introduction to university was very positive, I felt like I was at home, in a safe place full of freethinkers who were just there to pursue their dreams, and like myself, eventually go out into the world to help heal others.

This is where my journey to becoming a healer begins, although it’s been inside me the entire time I finally found myself, my craft, buried deep within my core. I am a wounded healer, a white light, and if I could leave one gift for this world, it would simply be that you don’t just exist, but that you live happily and healthily as you were born to live.

Looking back I acknowledge my past and am thankful for everything I have learned and am yet to learn. I am so thankful to be here today, to share my story with you, and to hopefully help you to see that, like me, you will also be ok.

Although there were times when I lost myself, I always managed to find my way back to that little boy with the fire in his eyes. He has been with me since day one, and will remain a part of my soul long after I am gone.

If I could leave you with one thing after reading my story please let it be this:

Listen to that little voice inside of you, it knows more than you may want to believe, and it will always be there to love you and guide you on your journey.

Don’t let anyone extinguish your light, may it shine brighter then the sun and all the stars in your universe!

My wishes of love, health, and happiness to you all

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