Birte: Stroke – back to life

An interview with Birte about her life after she had a stroke


Note: Birte wrote her answers all by herself – respect! She had to learn language from the beginning on again, so: Thank you for taking your time (and energy)!


How did you notice that something is wrong?

I didn’t. I fell down very quickly at the physiotherapy (I have rheumatism). I said shit, shit, shit and I twisted my hand on the floor. Christa Möck, my physiotherapy saw it. Thank god! After that i don’t know anything.

I didn’t even inform my mother and father because I couldn’t.


How did you feel when you got to know you had a stroke?

I wanted to speak language. I’m an editor and I love language. Before the stroke 🙁

Now I have 700 hours of speech therapy but I’m not done yet. I ride my tricycle to the practice and I’m still not done yet.

My right arm and my right leg were completely paralyzed. I couldn’t walk, step by step, very slowly organizing and show connections. Bring together connections, 1.000.000 times and it might work 🙂 it fascinated me, the brain, insane its outcome.


My head was totally confused.

I couldn’t speak and the people around me couldn’t understand.

It was terrible.

I couldn’t speak for 2 years and

I was very tired  of that.

How did you deal with it?

I didn’t. I just wanted to be healthy, learn, learn, learn, every step is a step.


What has changed in your life?

Everything goes insanely slow. My speech/language is so slow. 10 or 20 steps afterwards and everyone is gone, it’s annoying 🙁


How do you feel today?

I go on learning, the german stroke-help helps enormous. Every year I meet stroke patients from facebook, from Germany and worldwide. That helps. Every year helps enormous: that’s how far they are and how far I am.


Did your view on life change?

Will I ever be able to work again?


What goal do you have with your blog?

I would like to inform people how far I came. Find words that I meant to describe. Consultation with my speech language therapist. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Depending on the present situation.


What feedback to you get for your blog?

Moderate. But I don’t know how many people there are. Also what I have to learn again after the stroke.


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