Book readings

„Could you please read a little bit more?“

Dezember 16, 2014


Today were two book readings at the Grund- und Gemeinschaftsschule Einfeld/Neumünster in Germany! 75 students were listening with excitement to the „exciting, funny but a little bit scary story with the beautiful pictures“ (feedback of the kids). In the end only one question was important fort he children: „Will Lina find the magical butterfly?“
Thank you again! It was amazing!




Dezember 19, 2014
Another book reading took place! This time in my hometown Trier at the Barbara Grundschule. The children (grade 1 and 2) followed the bookreading with open mouths and laughter. 🙂  Awesome! Thank you!

More information:;art777,4111156


Februar 6, 2015
IMG_6290What a great afternoon at the Vancouver German West Side School! The children were so excited that they jumped off their chairs when it was about guessing what letter is hidden in the illustrations! Thank you again! 🙂



Februar 12, 2015
A big thank you to Verena Ensberg (teacher at Keune Grundschule Trier) who send me this message today: “After I have read your book tot he kids during breakfast break the first pictures were created. The children find your book awesome and super exciting!“

I love feedback like that! THANK YOU! Your pictures are great!


März 6, 2015
What a great bookreading at North Star German Academy in North Vancouver! 🙂
I would say it was a successful event: Sentences like „Could you please read a little bit more?“ and when children jump up in excitement – awesome!

More information:

November 8, 2015
I had a great time at the Surrey German Language School today! Around 40 excited children listened to my story “Lina and the magical butterfly”! I really enjoyed it! Thank you!

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