Bumpy travel preparations with a chance of happiness

Clouded anticipation

Five weeks ago my bike broke down. One week later I bought a (used) car that broke down after only 50km and is in the car dealer’s workshop since then.

I borrowed a bike from a friend which also broke down.

At my last wilderness weekend I lost my shoes (don’t ask me how, I don’t know).

Last week I ordered a tent, yesterday it was delivered – broken.


Dear universe, what do you want to tell me?!?


I actually wanted to start travelling July 9th. Visiting family and friends in Trier, then to my wilderness internship in Leingarten and then to Switzerland.

Of course, all this is doable by bus or train. But it’s more expensive and time-consuming (in Scandinavia that would mean instead of a 5 hour drive by car it would be 12 hours by train).

Ridesharing is an option and I would have to be lucky if someone is ok with giving me a ride with my huge backpack. Hitchhiking? Sure, also an option but to be honest, me alone and as a woman… I’m not brave enough.


Be careful what you wish for

A couple of months ago I set goals. One is “learn how to reach your goal with only little money”. Another goal is “reduce material possessions”. Great, the universe already gave me what I wanted. Losing money by buying the wrong car and packing just what you need and what you can carry.


I can’t plan at the moment. The car dealer where I bought the car 3 weeks ago, keeps me waiting. He doesn’t know when he can give me back my (repaired) car. Allegedly the engine control unit is broken, but could not be repaired in Germany and had to send it to England.


There is nothing I can do about it, I already asked a friend who is a lawyer. I have to wait and withstand. Withstand that I can’t plan. Although I don’t organize everything upfront, I need at least a little bit of planning security.


Is this Karma?

I always expect from people around me that they shouldn’t be so overly organized and structured (in my opinion a typical german habit) and to be more flexible. Being able to react flexible to change.


Maybe this is my lesson that I should learn: If you expect from others to be flexible, be more flexible yourself.


My mood is at an all-time low, I was looking forward to be independent and free (in combination with a car) and now I’m preparing myself to plan last minute how I will get from A to B.

And then Carol contacted me…


The Happiness Project

And from one day to another I find myself in a Happiness Project 🙂


How come?

In January I posted something in a fb group for people in Kiel, asking for interview partners for new world wanderer stories. Carol sent me a message, saying she might could contribute and if I would be interested in writing about her Happiness Project. At that time the project was still in a planning phase and we agreed that Carol would contact me again when the Project is finished.


4 months later Carol send me a message and asked if I would like to be a participant in her Happiness Project.

In my current situation the only logical answer to this question was “yes” 😉


What is it about?

„The pursuit of happiness has been a human goal since time immemorial. However, people usually don’t pay enough attention to finding fulfillment and peace within their selves. Our goal is to show people that happiness is attainable in the ‘present’ and in the ‘now’, rather than in the far-off future. At the core of this program is the science-backed finding that happiness can be learnt, just as any other skill set. During a 21-day program 25 participants will have this chance through a set of instructions and activities (incl. the Happiness Calendar and Workbook).“ (https://www.facebook.com/DasHappinessProject/)


How does it work?

Before I started with the project, I was supposed to answer the following questions:


My result was 4.69 (out of 6, and 6 is defined as too happy) and I think that’s quite a good result in my current situation 😉

The next step is to define “happiness”, write down 21 activities that make me happy and reflect on those.

It’s optional if you add positive affirmations, happiness meditations or a gratitude journal (which I already started again before I even knew I would participate. In tough times it helps me to guide my thoughts into a more positive direction).


Well, I’m sitting here, sending messages to the universe and visualize every day “I travel with my own, well-working car through Europe” and hope that the universe will fix my story.


And although there are some clouds above my anticipation and although waiting is hardly bearable, there is a chance of happiness 😉

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