Carol (2/3): “Dubai made me a very lazy person”

By the time I went to Dubai I was an adult and not a kid anymore, so life was much better


There were a lot of nationalities but they most kept to themselves. I worked with Lebanese and Arabic people, there would be a party and they would have their own small groups. There was not much of engaging.

Or maybe I was so comfortable with my own friends that I didn’t make an effort like I do now.

And I didn’t know Arabic. I could say “hello” in Arabic and that was it. But everyone spoke English, it’s business language.


As a woman I always felt respected, safe and comfortable.


Dubai is very modern so you can wear whatever you want. But in the shopping malls you have restrictions. You can’t wear a bikini there.

It’s basically common sense.


Never quit until you reach your goal

I went to Dubai after my graduation, that was when the economy crisis hit and I did not have much work experience and was trying to find a job.

All I heard from people was “you came at the worst possible time”, people were being laid off and it was very disappointing to hear from people that I would never get a job but I got a job within one month being in Dubai.


So what Dubai taught me was that there are opportunities and

sometimes you don’t see them even when they are in front of your eyes.

It taught me you should never quit until you reach your goal, no matter what that is.


I remember when I had my first interview and my friends couldn’t drop me off because they had to work. So I had to ask a police guy for directions. He couldn’t speak English, so he called someone who could speak English, he put me on the phone and they helped me out.

I was like “oh wow, I like the country already.”


It made me a very lazy person

I had my own money and I saved some money (there is no tax, that’s also a plus), but I also spent it for take away, taxi rides, shopping.

Being able to buy everything that’s something I wasn’t used to because I was a student before. For the first time in my life I could spend without worrying too much.

But on some level, it also made me a very lazy person. You could have everything delivered to your doorstep. You could want a bottle of water, just call the shop guys and they would deliver it to you. So I did become quite lazy and I was very comfortable.


I got spoiled, my mom knew that and she was like “that’s enough.

It’s not the end of your life so you should not become complacent”.

She knew it would change me.


So she took me back to India.


“She kind of kicked me out of the house after three months”

My mom was like when I came home “it’s time to face reality. No one is going to pack your bags, no one is going to carry your groceries.”


So she kind of kicked me out of the house after three months. It was tough mother love.

I looked for a job and got one within a month and worked for almost one year in India.


It was not easy at all because I left home as a girl and I came back as an adult. Living with my parents wasn’t easy either and at that point of my life I had strong opinions about everything. So I tried and it didn’t work out well.


Moving back to India was a test again. It made me realize what I want in my life. 


So I now know for sure living in India is not for me at this point of my life.


I had to go and explore the world. And I decided to study further and that’s why I am here in Kiel now.


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