Dive into….Canada (Katrine)

Meet Katrine! She grew up in in Eastern Canada, in Ontario, and currently lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Typical dish

I am Franco-Ontarienne, and one of the traditional dishes my grandma makes every holiday season is Tourtière (Meat Pies). They are by far my favorite!

Recipe: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/20752/french-canadian-tourtiere/




Every year we go out to our Maple trees on the family farm in Ontario

to tap them for their sap.

We boil the excess water to make the syrup, which my family cans and keeps.


With that you can also make candy which we call Tire d’Érable; we pour the hot syrup on a bed of snow to cool and use a spoon or sticks to roll and eat.


About school

School was quite normal in Northern Ontario, I attended French school for my entire education. The French community in the north is quite proud and always encouraged us to pursue an education and career in the French language.



My typical day



I now work in the film industry in Vancouver, BC. So, I typically work 12-13 hours per day, 5 days a week… sometime 6 days a week. I get to work for around 7:30am and deal with city permits, contracts, public relations and such. I don’t end up leaving until at least 7pm or later. There is a routine to it all, but every day is different which keeps me motivated.



What I like the most about Canada 


Ever since moving to British Columbia, I have to say that the mountains, forests and ocean are what I like most about Canada. It has also taught me to appreciate the province I come from as well, to not only focus on one part of Canada, but appreciate its entirety.


Thank you, Katrine!


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