Driving Home For Christmas

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit. So I look for my “Christmas playlist” and listen to it all day long while I’m writing.

What’s on my mind? The usual „Holy sh**, it’s Christmas in three days!”- thoughts, the Christmas thrill of anticipation, memories of typical Christmas smells, traditions and the longing for summer.


Driving home for Christmas. Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces


Tomorrow it’s all up to the Deutsche Bahn.

It’s gonna take some time

Actually it’s gonna take 8 hours and 9 minutes. 9 minutes transfer time in Hamburg. From experience I know that this is probably not enough time. Usually the train from Kiel is late. And arrives on the other end of the train station.


I prepare myself to run upstairs and downstairs, avoid obstacles and scream “Excuse me, can I please pass?”


After that I will be ready for Takeshi’s Castle.


Later on I will have 20 minutes transfer time. Sounds good. But it’s 530 km between the 2 cities, so you have to include every eventuality like technical problems, suicidal sheep and humans on the train tracks.

Taking the Deutsche Bahn is always an adventure. You never know what will happen or when you will arrive…


I’m prepared. Enough to eat and drink so that I will be able to survive on the train an extra night, several layers of clothing in case the heater breaks down or is set too high so that you will think they want to roast you and you will be the feast on the Christmas table.


„Rudolph the red nose reindeer“ (Ella Fitzgerald)


My thoughts go to Christmas Eve. In our family we have/had the tradition that the children would go upstairs and wait for the Christkind. When the Christmas bells ring, we would go to the living room, the Christmas tree in full glory, silver and golden Christmas tree balls embellish the fragrant green and in the middle one single red Christmas tree ball that my dad insists on every year (means: It’s the only red Christmas tree ball my mom allows).


Sparklers spread smoky smell in contrast to the pork tenderloin in puff pastry flavor from the kitchen.


The fire crackles and rustles in the fire place, the Christmas bells from an old LP (meanwhile digitalized) pounding in our ears, we sing a Christmas song (“Oh Tannenbaum”??) and then we eventually wish each other “Merry Christmas”.


That thought makes me smile.

Yes, I will have a short discussion with my little sister

that we are really too old for that tradition 🙂

(Exception: When our middle sister is there with the kids)


That reminds me of a trip to Paris in 2011 that my sister and I took and because our parents love Paris so much, we brought them a little Eiffel Tower – it decorated the top of our Christmas tree that year.


“What would you like to eat?”

Already 4 weeks ago my mom asked what we would like to eat on Christmas.

Oh. Note to myself: Remember to buy granola bars and some little snacks. My mom always forgets to eat on Christmas Eve, because she is so excited, and then she is the perfect cast for a snickers advertisement.


Dinner plans are set for Christmas Eve and the second Christmas day (yes, in Germany we celebrate 3 days). When I suggest to have a BBQ on the first Christmas day my mom will first have her “are you crazy?” mimic and then her “well, then have a BBQ” while my dad is already happily running to the backyard, cleaning the BBQ.


Wouldn’t be the first time we have a BBQ in winter 😀


 „Winter in Canada“ (Elissa Gabbai)

Ah, beautiful 😀 (Come on, the must be a little bit of Kitsch)

I’m smirking. This was my moms favorite song back in the days. If she would have known that I would be living in Canada for 3 years she would probably have listened to that song less.


„Feliz Navidad“


Ah, my little sister’s favorite christmas song. When I think of my middle sister, I hear her voice in my head humming the theme music of “Three wishes for Cinderella” and I begin humming with her.

It won’t be difficult to watch Cinderella in the next days (a MUST!), because it will be on TV every 2 hours – it feels like that, but the truth is, it’s only 16 times in 3 days 😉


And if my sister and I miss it, well, we still have the DVD.


„Carol of the bells“

Perfect timing. The song reminds me that on my Christmas bucket list is watching “Home alone”. Just like “Miracle on 34th street” and “The last unicorn”. Yes, this movie is also a christmas movie because it’s shown on TV every Christmas Eve.


But it also remind me of many trips to Southern France when we listened to “The last unicorn” in a continuous loop (my dad had recorded the movie as an audiotape). An eagle screams in my head, a voice says „I am the only unicorn there is? The last?”And the music begins. The butterfly appears.

I still memorize every single word of that scene.


After several ten to twelve hours long drive with the last unicorn in continuous loop this is not surprising.


Something I also connect with the last unicorn is heat and sun.

Mh, sun and heat, how I miss that! Today I have seen the sun again since 2,5 weeks ago.

But lately I’ve read many times „Frederick“ to the kids at daycare.


Frederick, the little mouse, who told the other mice about the blue cornflower, the red poppies, the yellow wheat and the green leaves of the berry bush.

And the sun? Do you also miss the sun?


 „Close your eyes. Now I send you the rays of the sun. (…) Do you feel their golden glow?“


And when there is no sun, make a fire in your fireplace (or outside), sit in front of it, hold your hands up, feel the heat on her hands, on your face, listen to the whispering flames and enjoy a moment of silence!


Merry Christmas! 🙂


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