Everyone is creative

Anja is doing a blog parade. And I partake in it. The theme? “Creative and free”

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Everyone is creative!

Some will say “I am not (especially) creative” and underestimate themselves immensely.

Creativity is an ability that is in our genes.


Creativity is part of our potential pool with which we are born.


We can activate the potential (this happens automatically in childhood), deactivate it (this usually happens when entering primary school), or reactivate and improve it.


In a social context, creativity is quickly equated with art, music or literature. But every day we perform creative actions. If the bus doesn’t come in the morning, then we think about a solution for this problem. That is a creative action.


Creativity means being flexible in thinking and adapting to changing circumstances. So test your boundaries, break them, bend them.


To achieve this, we must be open, change our angle of view and expand the drawers or fixed thinking structures, in which we are, or get out of them altogether. I recommend getting out 😉


Thus, breaking out of fixed structures also means to be free.

Be free in our thoughts.

Be free in the creative creative process.


What helps me being creative?

Creativity triggers

Try something new; travelling; reading a novel from a genre that I would not usually read; hang out with people who are very different from me (come from other countries, have a different religious background or a completely different profession) …


I get the ultimate creativity push when I am with children. Whether at work, with my nephews or with kids of friends. Then I put a switch in my head and I’m in “creative thinking mode”.


Stories are just bubbling out of me, we discover the world with open and curious eyes, see things (that I’ve seen a thousand times in my life) in a different way.


Solve problems

I love to solve problems. That’s probably the reason I have become a social pedagogue. When others say “it’s not possible” it awakens an unbridled ambition inside of me to find the way which nevertheless makes it possible.

Or simply act according to the motto:

“Everyone said: That’s not possible.

Then someone came who did not know this,

And just did it.”


Story world

I love stories and I love to write stories. I guess, in this area I have my personal highest creativity potential. Give me two minutes, three words, and in four minutes I’ve told you a story.



I like to create things myself. I often do not have the time, but always try to “romp” in this area. Whether it’s a lampshade made of parcel string, toothpaste, mosquitosticks, picture frames from sticks from the forest or Swedish bitter which I have mixed and made – I love to browse Pinterest and modify ideas so that they are customized to what I want.


My next projects?

DIY Deo.

Besides, this summer, I will focus on writing. For that I will get out of my comfort zone again and dive into other worlds. Get to know other cultures and sleep in the Scandinavian forests in my (not yet available) van. I still have to rebuild it.

Do I have experience with it? Nope. But there are a lot of Youtube-Tutorials 😉


15 tips for more creativity

1 break norms

“You should not do that”. We are restricted by social norms every day, would it really be so bad if we break them? You should not sing loudly in public? DO IT! Bend and break your boundaries.


2 A new culinary experience

You never ate crocodile? Or Russian food? Just try it. Your sense of taste will look forward to this new variety. And because it’s something new, you maybe come up with new ideas.


3 Alone!

Never been alone at the movies or eating dinner in public alone? Sounds like a Mutprobe? DO IT! You will be incredibly proud pf yourself und build the basics for more adventure. And exactly this sense for adventure improves your creativity.


4 Learn new things

Visit a workshop on something you have never done before. Pottering? Produce tinctures from Medicinal plants? Calligraphy? Milking cows? DO IT! And new impulses are set in your brain.


5 Spontaneity

Be spontaneous, do not plan and organize every part of your day. The more structure and commitments, the more you will lose creative input.


6 Product invention

Invent a product. What can it do? What is it good for? You do not have implement it into reality, it’s all about the exercise of thinking differently.


7 Utopia

Create an utopian world: How would it look like?


8 Acting

“Today I am a rich diva.” Slip into other roles and play them all day. You will get a different perspective.


9 Languages

You speak or learn another language? Then translates every thought that comes to you to the other language.


10 Groundhog Day Adé

Change small things in your daily routine. Drink your coffee with almond milk and a bit of cinnamon; greet your colleagues in French; choose your meal with closed eyes in the restaurant by pointing with your finger on the menu and be surprised what you get.


11 Bird perspective

View your city district from bird’s perspective. This also changes your perspective.


12 Tourist

Drive to the next city and play tourist. Go to the typical sights, take pictures, learn something about the history of the place.


13 Naked

Be naked in your home for one day. Why? It elicits you out of your comfort zone while you are still in your secure environment. Getting out of your comfort zone also means “making yourself naked” as you come in situations where you are vulnerable and do not already know everything.


14 Day dreams

Take a break and daydream. Where would you go to? What would you wear? What would you do?


15 Movies

Watch movies that inspire (Little Miss Sunshine – do something no one expects from you; dive into the crazy worlds of Tolkien and Rowling) or watch films that are different and a little weird and yet incredibly good (like Swiss Army Man).


And if all this does not help, then only the Pippi-Meduzin will help: Watch a Pippi Longstocking film, she is one of the most creative heads of our time 😉


Creativity is ultimately also a part of our personality. We create ourselves. We can be who we want to be.


So take a paintbrush, a pen, whatever you want, paint yourselves, awaken your (self-) image to life and release it!



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