Failed immigration (2/3)

March/April 2015

At the end of March I met with Gaby Bleckmann again and the information I received was that I urgently need the BC PNP nomination because otherwise I wouldn’t get my new work permit.

So I’ve sent the BC PNP office an email and explained the whole situation again and it felt like begging. I tried to call the CIC (again) and it took me one week and 3 phone calls each day at different times to finally get someone on the phone. I explained the situation to them and I finally got the answer I was waiting for: I should receive my new work permit soon!

And all of the sudden the miracle happened and a few days later I received my work permit and then finally also 10 days after that the BC PNP nomination!

The BC PNP nomination is valid for 6 month and you have to apply for PR within this time frame.

May 2015

While I was gathering more documents for my PR application, my british colleague received a letter that she had to stop working because her lawyer had forgotten to pay an extra fee of $100 that was implemented in February 2015. So Vikki wasn’t allowed to work anymore and had to apply again. No one knew how long it would take until she will get a new work permit.

Same thing happened to the Australian partner of my hairdresser whose lawyer also forgot to pay the $100 extra fee.

Our employer reached the point where she said “I have enough, I won’t hire anyone anymore without a permanent residency” and I totally understand that for several reasons

Childcare regulations: In Early Childhood Education you have a teacher-child ratio and as an owner of a daycare you have to make sure you have enough staff to take care of the children

The emotional side: My case was already a hell of a rollercoaster ride and my boss was kind of in the same situation like me: Like me, she didn’t know a couple of times if I will have to stop working and therefore if she has to find someone who could replace me. It’s nerve-racking when you can’t plan at all.

Staff planning: Our boss could have just hired someone else when Vikki had to stop working. But for how long? For 4 weeks? For 6 weeks? No one knew when she will get her work permit. Same thing could have happened to me!

Professionalism: As an employer of a daycare you want to make sure that your staff will stay long-term. This job is not about selling products, it’s about human relationships. Relationships with children. They need stability and predictability. They need caregivers who they can trust, who are there every day. Of course the children had no clue about Vikki’s and my situation, but as an employer you shouldn’t hire someone for a couple of months, then another one for a couple of weeks and then the old staff maybe comes back or she has to hire someone new.

Meanwhile I have heard from other companies, too, that more and more companies hesitate to hire a foreign worker because of the changes in immigration regulation.

Btw: Vikki got her work permit after about 6 weeks.

July 2015

I finally had all required documents, so I was able to apply for PR Express Entry.

August 2015

I received the rejection of my PR application.

“We have determined that your application does not meet the requirements of a complete application as described in sections 10 and 12.01 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. Your application is rejected for being incomplete.”

First I didn’t understand what they were saying about me not having provided the german police certificate. I checked my Express Entry profile and realized that I had uploaded my canadian certificate! Both files were saved in one folder and both had english names. One was called “police clearance” and the other one “police certificate”.

I had uploaded the wrong file!

At that point I still had hope that I would get my PR if I could proof that I had the required document. So I sent them an email with the german police certificate and received this answer:

 „Your application was considered on its substantive merits according to the applicable section of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and it was deemed incomplete. Your request for reconsideration has been reviewed and your application will not be re-opened.“

I asked myself many times if I should have hired an immigration lawyer but I always ended up with the same thought: It could have happened to a lawyer too. One missing document.

But I still didn’t want to give up because my PNP nomination was still valid for another 6 weeks. So I created a new Express Entry and received a message that I have to notify the BC PNP office that they should confirm that I have a BC PNP nomination.

I was confused. Didn’t they still have the confirmation from my first application? Why does the BC PNP office has to confirm again? And why do I have to contact the BC PNP office now when I didn’t have to do that for my first PR application? (the BC PNP and the CIC had communicated with each other before to confirm my nomination for my first PR application)

I started trying to contact the BC PNP office.

September 2015

All of the sudden there was no phone number anymore on the BC PNP website. I contacted Gaby Bleckmann again and she gave me the phone number that had been on their website. Well, I found out that the BC PNP office won’t take any phone calls anymore due to too many calls.

So I send them emails. And they didn’t go through. I thought it’s because everyone is sending emails now that they can’t call them anymore.

I called the CIC, they couldn’t help me and told me to keep trying to contact the BC PNP office.

After 4 weeks my Express Entry Profile got cancelled and automatically deleted. This is the usual process when your BC PNP nomination is not confirmed within four weeks after you created an Express Entry profile.

So I created a new Express Entry profile – my third try. Same story again. I tried and send them emails – hoping they would delete some of their mails so that other enquiries would go through.

I couldn’t get in contact with the BC PNP office and this time my nomination expired. And the confirmation of my expiry came pretty quickly.

So I was out of the immigration process.

Should I have gone in person to the BC PNP office? Maybe. But at that time I was so done with the whole immigration process that I saw it as a sign that I shouldn’t immigrate to Canada. I felt so unwelcomed and just wanted to have a break from the immigration stress.

November 2015

My work permit would have been valid until the end of March 2016 but I had enough. And I wasn’t 100% sure if my expired nomination and the rejection of my PR application would also have an impact on my work permit.

I felt I couldn’t just go on working, building up a great relationship with the kids and then just leave. We had a few new kids in our classroom since September and I already had a strong relationship with some of them.

So I decided to go back to Europe.

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