Failed immigration (3/3)

December 2015

I left Canada and when I arrived in Germany I thought “No, I can’t just leave it like that. The BC PNP should know what happened and how their procedures impacted my life”.

I checked my emails again and found out that my emails have been blocked by the BC PNP office due to presence on too many DNSBLs“.

So I wrote a complaint letter and send it by mail.

January 2016

I received an email from the BC PNP office, saying

 „I am sorry you are having difficulty gaining PR.  Please be aware that our office, the BC PNP, is not a federal government office and so we are not informed of the status of nominee’s PR applications  by CIC or if the PR applications have been returned to the nominee.   We would not be informed automatically, as you suggest, if a nominee has created a new Express Entry profile.  We only learn of this situation if the application notifies us directly that they need renomination. We require the nominee to provide copies of the CIC documents verifying the Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker Validation Code for renomination. 

As you have stated you have attempted to contact us, please provide copies of the e-mails so that I may assess where communication broke down and improve our processes at the BC PNP.“

I was asked to send an email to a certain BC PNP  staff member and they offered that I might be able to get an extension of my BC PNP nomination.

There I was. Back in Germany, whole time thinking that my chances are gone and now this lady writes me I maybe could get an extension of my BC PNP nomination?

So I tried to send them an email with the information they requested and I had a lot of questions!

„Will I have to contact the CIC about a new work permit (it expires at the end of march)? And is my nomination actually valid when I am not in Canada right now? If I get the extension of my nomination, what would that mean for my job that I had to quit? Will I have to contact my employer to ask if I could come back? Will I have to look for a different job?“

And again my email didn’t go through for the same reason! This time I created a new email account and if you are asking right now why I haven’t done this already in September 2015…well, I was done at that time. I thought I’m out of the process. I mean: One rejection, two cancellations, the BC PNP office not responding…

So I created a new email address ( and it worked, the BC PNP office received my email.

March 2016

It took another 7 weeks until they replied:

„We can extend your nomination in the Express Entry portal when 1)  you create a new profile and get your new job seeker validation code. 

Of course, 2) you need to ensure your employer in Canada would like to have you back.

We can 3) provide a Work Permit Support letter which would allow you to apply for a work permit on the basis that you are a Provincial Nominee.“

I was confused again. Should I stay in Germany? Should I try to immigrate to Canada again?

April 2016

I made an appointment with an immigration consultant ( and found out the following options (if I want to go back):

Ask my employer if she would take me back

I would have to ask the BC PNP for how long the opportunity to get the re-nomination is valid

I would have to ask my previous employer if she actually needs staff at the moment

I don’t have enough financial funds (in case the CIC will proof it, although it’s not required when you have a job offer, but you’ll never know)

I will have to do another medical examination because the document is only valid for one year

Live-in caregiver program

I would have to commit for 2 years. In that time you depend on the family. If you have to leave (because it doesn’t work out with the family) you’re screwed, that would mean I would be in the same situation again like last year, the only difference would be that it would last 2 years instead of just a year.

You don’t have a distance to work. You have to live with the family.

The family hast o go through an LMIA process (and proof that no canadian can do the job).

Start all over again

I would have to look for a new job, the company would have to go through the LMIA process, I would have to do the IELTS and the medical examination again and so on.


I have asked myself many times if I should have just hired an immigration lawyer last year. That would have been expensive (between $2500 and $3000 + CIC fees, translations, medical examination, IELTS) and I seriously thought I could do it by myself.

One mistake and my chance was gone. No one can tell me if that would have happened to an immigration lawyer, too. And I prefer to be angry at myself for that mistake than at someone else.

Extension of my nomination

I connect a lot of bad memories with my previous job. The job itself was fine, it’s just that the whole immigration process is connected to that job.


I probably would have quit anyways last year. I was looking for a different kind of challenge. And there was one staff member who had a big influence on everyone and with who I didn’t get along with – she would have been the second reason why I would have quit anyways. So do I really want to have my job back? I don’t know, I don’t think so.

Live-in Caregiver

I can’t just work as a nanny, I need tasks that are challenging in a different way than nannying, therefore I guess only a family with a child with special needs would be an option for me.

I need my privacy, I’m too old to live as a Nanny in someone’s home.

I’m concerned that I would feel stuck for 2 years.

Start all over again

To be honest, it’s also a financial question. When I left Canada, I had already to spend quite a bit of money for the immigration process, then I traveled for four weeks (I needed that after all the immigration stress) and after that I have lived from my savings for 3.5 months (the plan at that time was moving to Ireland).

And I’m asking myself the whole time: Do I really want to go back to the country where I was so unwelcomed? In Germany I feel like in a golden cage. I guess I should fly back to Vancouver for a vacation and see how I feel when I’m there. If the negative feelings are still overwhelming. Who knows, maybe I’m just happy with going to Vancouver for a vacation once a week. (I need a new coffee mug anyways, I’ve lost mine in Dublin)

I truly believe in: Everything happens for a reason

Some exciting things happened in the last few months and they wouldn’t have happened if I wouldn’t have left Canada. I met great new people, got quite a bit of inspiration and I got to see some friends again.

I’m excited for next year when I look back and say “Oh, yes, of course, I understand I had to leave Canada in November 2015” 😉

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