Found a home yet? Nope. Written a lot yet? Nope. An interim conclusion.


All of the sudden two months have passed. I’ve been to Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, currently I’m in Norway (read here and here), have been volunteering for almost 5 weeks and ask myself: What about those many projects you intended to do?


Blog: Do I want to go on with the English version of my blog? Shall I invest money so that the blog looks nicer and the technical part gets ‘sorted and tidied up’? Do I want to post more frequently (at certain days) but only twice a month? At least I came to a decision on the last question: Yes, there will only be 2 articles per month in the next while because I have too many other things that I would like to take care off.


Wilderness Pedagogy: I have so many questions, so much hunger for information and I couldn’t do as much research as I wanted to. At least I decided that I will finally build a leave hut today and sleep in it 🙂

It should look like this one:


Freelancing: I walked little steps. I finally sorted out my notes, thought about in what direction my freelancing activities should go and realized: I will never be able to work location-independent (only online) because I need the direct contact to people. Well, and wilderness projects shouldn’t be done online 😉


Writing projects: At least I finished my research and „Mr. Archie” is on the way to some publishers. My idea about a little pirate, stranded on an island, has to wait. Instead I am full of ideas for another project and I don’t know yet if I want to turn it into a series of blog articles or if I would like to turn it into a book project (sneak peak: It’s called “Travel With A Tortoise”)


I left with the naïve thought “Now that I have time I can complete all the things I couldn’t finish in the last years” and I realized: That’s not happening.

What was the problem? And more important: How can I solve this problem?


Writer’s Block

No matter if it was about my blog or other writing projects: Words didn’t want to spark in the last weeks like they used to due to several reasons.


There are environments that inspire me. And some just don’t.


It made me thinking: I thought I’m a person who could write best at night, when nobody else is at home and after being three days off work.

In the last weeks this thought wasn’t right and I had to rethink my writing environment and work atmosphere.


What do I need?

  • A table at a bright window, full of papers and other stuff 🙂
  • Short breaks to go for a walk, do some research on the internet, shop groceries, cook or go for a run
  • A Café that is not too loud, with people in there, still not crowded. I guess this point can be traced back to my city abstinence in the last weeks 😉

Time management is still very important. An hour time to write until my next appointment? Forget it, I don’t function under time pressure, I function when I’m relaxed.

To the bloggers and writers amongst you: How does your favorite writing spot looks like?



I love to-do-lists! But  just a task list wasn’t enough in the last weeks. My list is so long and extensive that it turned into chaos. I had to set priorities and I also had to create simple (research) tasks for those days when I had to work a lot (especially physically) and was tired. I combined my days in the city with writing in a Café instead of just doing sightseeing. And it worked 🙂


Also, planning for my next move had to be done: Where should I go? What hosts are in that area? How do I get there? What sightseeing spots are nearby that I could connect with volunteering? Should I rent a car? How much is it? And how much is a flight to the Canary Islands? From where should I fly? So many questions…

Research that took quite a bit of time but was essential and sometimes kept me from what I wanted to do.



When I look for hosts now I  make sure their home is not further than max. 30 min by public transport to a city, it’s not more than 4-5 hours of work per day, max. 5 days a week, so that I have enough time for my projects.

I also did some research on accommodation in the sun (Canary Islands) that I could afford with my low budget and where I could stay for around 3 weeks and just focus on my goals. Internet is a MUST.

If you have ideas on this let me know 😉


So? Do you already know where you would like to live?

I am travelling for two months now and some people already asked me: So? Do you already know where you would like to live?



But I know that I feel really good not being in Germany.


I also know that can exclude living in the countryside for sure. During volunteering in the last weeks in Sweden and Norway I once more figured that.

15-20 minutes walking to the next bus stop. 20-30 minutes by car to the next bigger town.


Don’t get me wrong, that’s ok for a few weeks but for living? No, I’m not a countryside person.


Typical city person? Maybe.

More an edge of town person, not completely here and

not completely there but still close to everything.


I know there is not the perfect city or the perfect country, I don’t look for that. Important for me are the following priorities:


Forests. I need forests and high hills or middle sized mountains (like in Switzerland, Sweden and Norway). A lake would be nice, or the ocean (Switzerland and Norway!). A friendly country (Germany just dropped out). It shouldn’t be conservative, catholic or squarely I don’t fit in there (that would be a point against Switzerland). Pedagogy should be alternative, not extremely performance-oriented or at least open-minded (like in Denmark, Sweden and Norway). Short, mild winters (Scandinavia just dropped out).


Interim conclusion? Although Oslo is my favorite of all those cities I’ve been to in the last months, I know that I can’t deal with the darkness and cold in winter.

Before I go to Amsterdam and The Hague at the end of October, I will return to Sweden…to try a regression therapy 😉

What’s that? Read here:


I’m sure it’s going to be exciting! I’ll keep you posted 😉


PS: Another question I lately have been asked a few times: How do you deal with not smoking? I hold up but honestly: Even after 7 months I have every damn day cravings for a cigarette and on some days it’s super difficult. Meanwhile coffee made it up to a throne with a golden crown and sparkling diamonds, kings would be jealous.

And that although coffee in Sweden and Norway tastes like lemon…



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