I want my happiness back!


I would consider myself lucky. I have everything I need: Shelter, food, family, friends, and education.

But lucky and happy isn’t the same.


Remember when I participated in the “Happiness Project” last year?  Last summer I met Carol  who created the “Happiness Project” and she told me about the Oxford Questionnaire.

Before I started travelling through Europe I answered a bunch of questions and my result was 4.69.

After 5 weeks of travelling? 5.38!


I was doing voluntary work, writing, I met the right people and was at the right places. I loved it!


This year: When I was searching for a job and getting more and more stressed out about it, I remembered the questionnaire and thought “I wonder what my result would be now”, so I took the test again.

The result: 3.38!!!


It was time to come up with a plan to get my mood in the right direction again. And most of all:


So I tried to remember what I did last year, modified it and adapted it to my current life situation.



I’m happy when I

– > write. Blog posts, children’s stories, travel novel…I love writing no matter what!

-> avoid stressful, selfish people/friends and get in touch with like-minded people.

-> learn something new (I started reading about SEO writing)

-> get distance from the place that makes me unhappy, so I went to The Hague for a few days to recharge my batteries.



Remember Ally McBeal? She had a hymn. A song that would lift her mood, made her dance and smile!

I needed a hymn!

And because I couldn’t decide which one, I chose these two 🙂

“Chateau” Angus and Julia Stone


“Ambivalente” Brisaque



It was so weird being in my hometown for three months: Knowing every corner, having bad memories, having good memories, trying to get two persons on one page: The one I had been before I have left town for good a couple of years ago and the one who came back after living abroad.

But most of all: Everything was pretty much the same. Standstill and routine is the worst for me, I constantly need change, new input and inspiration.

My first aid kit in such situations?

I read articles and watch videos by inspiring people!


So here are my TOP 3  for inspiration:

For inspiration about education

  1. Gerald Hüther (German neurobiologist)


For inspiration on philosophical matters

  1. Jason Silva


For motivational issues

  1. Jay Shetty



One of the main problems that causes unhappiness is overthinking. Nothing else matters anymore. Every thought is about the problem or the mountain of problems. You would do anything to make these voices shut up. Not exactly the easiest task.

My remedy? Guided meditation and self-hypnosis videos, sitspots, Tea, Bachblüten/Rescue Remedy.


Guided meditation and self-hypnosis videos

Since I quit smoking I feel like that one of the main reasons I made it, was a self-hypnosis video by Michael Sealey I discovered a few more of his videos and I love them!



Sit still in nature and just focus on your senses. Listen to the chatty birds, feel the warm sunrays on your skin, see the bright blue sky, smell wet leaves, taste the earthy oak stem – focus on your body and your immediate surroundings. Don’t let any thought occur, just be in the moment!




  • Lavender
  • Hop
  • Lemon balm
  • Melissa
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint


Bachblüten / Rescue Remedy

4 drops in water work miraculous!



I have to admit, I’m a fan of to do lists and goals. I always need a goal to work towards to. So I started writing a bucket list (again):

  1. Roadtrip Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ontario, Québec, PEI in a RV/Campervan
  2. Roadtrip from Seattle to L.A. in a RV/Campervan
  3. Roadtrip Australia in a RV/Campervan
  4. Do the Tongariro Crossing
  5. Live abroad again
  6. Vacation in South Africa
  7. Vacation in Iceland
  8. Vacation on the Azores
  9. Be fluent in French or Spanish
  10. Watch the Northern Lights
  11. Get a fern tattoo
  12. Be able to work from anywhere in the world
  13. Find a partner with the same lifestyle and mindset
  14. Write a bestseller
  15. Be a self-made millionaire
  16. Meet someone famous
  17. Attend a shamanic ritual ((I booked a shamanic weekend for September!! I’ll keep you posted 😉 )
  18. Be an extra in a (Peter Jackson) movie
  19. See a TED talk live
  20. Try pole dancing
  21. Meditate and see a hawk/eagle landing in front of me
  22. Be fit when old
  23. Celebrate 50 years of being smoke-free
  24. Plant 10.000 trees
  25. Have a conversation with Leonardo DiCaprio about environmental issues
  26. Have an impact on educational and social issues
  27. Spend one week in a silent retreat
  28. Be able to meditate for 3 hours
  29. Unplug for one week
  30. Play paintball
  31. Play laser tag
  32. Relax in a Natural Hot Spring
  33. Become an energy healer/shaman
  34. Run a half marathon
  35. Become a Yoga Pro



After a couple of weeks following my plan, I already feel so much better! 4.62!

Yes, I’m maybe a little bit obsessed with the Oxford questionnaire, but you know what? Whatever! 😉


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