Lina and the magical butterfly

In November 2014 I eventually published my children’s book „Lina and the magical butterfly“! It was a long journey until it was out on the bookmarket: I started writing the story in 2011 for my niece Nova. It took another 2 years until I was satisfied – after multiple corrections – and courageous enough to send the story off to publishers. In spring 2014 I received a book contract offer by Papierfresserchen! 🙂

Who has written the book?

Kiki 🙂 Foto_Kiki Kreuder


Who has illustrated the book?

Kristina – my sister10612734_340619279433863_3966689496131457455_n






What’s the book about?

The people from the village ‘Blumheim’ are very upset! A big fight about money happened and now they don’t want to live with each other anymore. No one knows a solution until Gregory remembers the legend of the magical butterfly who can change everything!

There is just one problem: No one knows where the magical butterfly is! Only an innocent child can find him.

Lina wants to help and goes on an adventurous journey! She meets talking animals and finds true friends. But be careful, Lina! Your path is full of dangers! A sneaky snake, a tremendous storm and the wicked witch Xilia turn Lina’s journey into an exciting adventure.
Will Lina find the magical butterfly and save her village?

Who should read the book?

Children (age 6) who are curious and want to explore the world. But I also already have been told that my book was read to pre-school/Kindergarten children. So I would say that every child who have fun reading an adventurous, funny, magical story should read „Lina and the magical butterfly“.

Also, primary/elementary school teachers should read the story. It’s a great book to use it for learning letters!

What is special about the book?

Children get to know the letters supported by a fantastic story. There are one to two letters in each chapter with one focus word and illustrations that include the same letter as well. Children get to know the letter in a playful way and they connect their learning experience with their interest in exciting stories. Children find themselves in the stories through realistic topics like responsibility, willingness to help, courage and friendship.
Order „Lina and the magical butterfly“ here (book is written in german!):

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