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Luke is 27 and 11 years ago he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After eight unsuccessful years with a variety of drugs, he changed his diet radically three years ago.


How and when did you notice that something is wrong?

A long time ago! It started at the end of 2004 with mild abdominal discomfort which dragged on for weeks. Relatively quickly these were followed by frequent diarrhea and I felt generally not good and pretty weak.

At the latest when this condition didn’t improve after months I knew that something is wrong.


How did you feel when you got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease?

I would lie if I would say that I was shocked. It was a relief to give the ‘child’ a name. But that’s it. I took note of it and carried on as before. I didn’t feel good but this was primarily due to the stomach and not the fact that I now even mentally kicked myself in a sea of doubts and fears.


How did you deal with it?

I believe on the healthiest way on how to handle such a diagnosis: Carry on! It didn’t change anything in my life.However, I felt not so bad at that time that I would have recognized the full impact of the disease.


Years followed with many ups and downs and

there were many times when I didn’t know how to proceed,

I had problems with my self-esteem,

hid and just didn’t know how to proceed.

 I took medication that didn’t help or had side effects that made me feel worse than the disease itself. At times I found myself resigning myself to my fate. An attitude I wouldn’t recommend.


Never give up yourself! You are stronger than you think!


What has changed in your life?

After more than eight years in this state in which I found myself continuously between good and bad phases, I discovered – by chance – a diet which was developed specifically for people with Chronic Inflammatory bowel disease.

Until that time, I counted on external influences. When a drug didn’t work I took the next one. Motivated by the experiences of the author (of the diet), I decided to give that diet a chance.


After three months, I felt like a different person

and my blood levels were better than under any medication

that I had tried over the years.


How are you doing today with Crohn’s disease?

The day I started with the diet is over 3.5 years ago. I’m doing still better than ever in my time with Crohn’s disease. Much rarer than before I have relapses but now I can define pretty well what causes it and can change it quickly.

Today, when I compare my life with that of 5, 8 or 10 years before, it seems to me almost unreal. It’s hard to make a comparison. The changes which followed because of the diet, my life has turned 180 degrees in the direction of good.


I think it’s still unbelievable

what power you have

to affect your wellbeing


Are there still days it is difficult for you?

Many people seem to not believe me – but no! Not at all. The diet has gone into my blood.

I have control of my life.

I am not dependent on drugs. I don’t let myself be restricted.

I wake up every day and am grateful for the life that I have today. That I have to renounce sweets and pizza is probably the smallest possible sacrifice.


Has anything changed your view on life?

My view on life has completely changed.


I now know what strength lies dormant in each of us.

We can achieve anything if we only want.

Because of the disease and changes in my diet, I have dealt with the topics personality development and mindfulness.

I learned how to control not only my body but also how to have a positive influence on my thoughts.

I decided to put personal freedom and self-determination over everything. And I decided to do everything to achieve this in my life. 


If I had the power to change the past and never been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease – I think I wouldn’t do it.

I am happy to have been forced by the disease

to deal with myself and my body.

Without it, I would not be the person I am today, would not have the life that I have today.

The experience of the past 11 years have made me grow.


What is the goal of your blog?

The blog grew out of the frustration that I had to live eight years with my disease until I discovered a diet which turned my life within three months.

I learned that most doctors do their jobs with blinders.


The words diet and meditation weren’t mentioned in eight years.

Yet, they made all the difference to me. 

There are 300,000 affected persons in Germany, I was sure that many feel the same as me and they don’t know what difference they can make for themselves to not rely on medication their whole life.


And I want to address these people with my posts.

People who have the ambition to take their lives

into their own hands when they get a small push

in the right direction.


What feedback do you get for your blog?

The feedback has been amazing! It took me some effort to publish my blog online and to share my story so openly. But the feedback motivate me every day.

Many readers follow my advice, change their diet, feel its first successes. But even those who don’t have results immediately let me know how much I motivate them to keep going with my contributions and don’t give up. That’s a great feeling!




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