Man in a golden cage

“Man is a strange being,” declared the owl.


“He is free in his thoughts. Free in his passion. He can move freely, but he does not.”


Theatrically, she opened her eyes a little further.


“For he is driven by his needs. Like you, Mr. Fox, when you pluck chickens at night. But man has another hunger. It is the hunger for power and gold that locks him into a cage from which he does not want to get out again. Man believes to be rich, surrounded by his golden cage’s bars.”


A murmur went through the crowd. Whispering, they asked each other how someone could be so stupid to be voluntarily locked up in a cage, they all knew that this would mean death.


“He pays with the life of his soul, pays no attention to it, and causes it to perish. He swaps it against the joy of the tiny stars that play their game at night on the surface of the pond.”


Spellbound, the animals listened to the lecture of the owl.


“He sacrifices himself for all that is objective and forgets to look at the world beyond the horizon and at his own self to feed his soul.”


The owl closed her eyes. The listeners awoke from their stiffness, blinked, and went their way, into the starlit night.



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