“My name is Albin and I invite you to walk with me – for peace in Syria”

Albin is walking to Aleppo. He started in Sweden. His journey began June 12th (2016).


Read his incredible and amazing idea that needs as much attention as possible. So share it, follow him (www.walk2peace.eu), support him or even join him 🙂

Help him to make his vision come true: “I saw myself and thousands of friends entering a Syria and Aleppo in peace a year from now and bringing with us thousands of seeds”


How did you come up with the idea to walk to Syria? What or who inspired you?

I was standing in my dad’s garden last summer and just got the idea “next summer I will walk to Syria for peace”. Then one year passed and I started walking. Among the many things that inspired me for this peacewalk was the horrible news of the Syrian conflict at the time, and the violence towards the planet I have witnessed with my own eyes in my travels to South America.


What did your family/friends say?

My parents were quite shocked and gradually supported me more and more as the walk began. My siblings and friends were all saying yes, yes and yes, you can do it Albin, we believe in you. Thanks to their love and support I have now walked over 100 days.


How did you prepare for such a long walk?

I didn’t do anything particular except finding new friends that could take over my company.


Where do you sleep?

In the houses of people I meet while on the way, sometimes through internet (facebook, couchsurfing), sometimes through friends friends, and sometimes people invite me when they see me walking.


What are you carrying with you?

A 30L backpack with a thin sleeping bag, a thermos, my cotton peace panda, a kalimba (African instrument), hygiene things and a flute.


Where do you get food and water?

From people I meet along the way. And also fruit trees along the way, and dumpsters outside foodstore (they throw away so much good food.)


How do people react when you tell them that you are walking to Aleppo?

Some are very supportive, some say its hopeless and some say nothing at all.


Do you sometimes think about giving up?



What was your best experience so far?

Meeting Depp Mattock, a Syrian refugee in Copenhagen who walked with me in the peacewalk for several days. It was such a blessing to hear him tell how much the peacewalk helped him heal from the traumas he has been through. Traumas from seeing his friends die of gas attacks in Syria and from during his death journey to Denmark in the smuggler caravans and overfull boats.

Another experience has been the thousands of smiles, hugs, and joyful hearts I have the honour of meeting and the indescribable inspiration that comes from receiving so much hospitality and kindness from strangers.


What was your worst experience?

Walking outside Copenhagen central station. Or along a highway. Really, nothing is more painful than seeing the madness of a stressed out human being and the chaos of noise and pollution we humans create that we call cities.


Was there anything you struggled with?

Yes, the most difficult challenge this far has also been one of the biggest blessings, it was to walk with my dear friend who walked with me the first three months. I would often find myself wanting to walk much longer than my friend could do each day, and it was sometimes physically painful to spend much time not walking when my whole body and heart longed to walk to peace.


What do you expect in Syria?

That there is peace already when I arrive so that I can enter the country and help out.


What will you do when you enter Syria?

I will plant trees and help the Syrian people regrow the forests and food trees that supports life. After that I will continue the peacewalk all over the world until there is world peace.


What is your message to the readers?

Express your love to those around you today. Now. Stop making conflicts in your heart and in your relationships. Eat delicious vegan and organic food. The Earth will thank you.


Breathe deeply from your toes, go to the forest, the oceans and the mountains to remember who you are and be the peace the world so desperately needs.


Peace and love, Albin


If you would like to walk with Albin (even if it’s just for a couple of hours), give him shelter or food/water, you can find his location on his website www.walk2peace.eu


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