It’s not easy to be a Millennial


I’m a typical Millennial, born between 1980 and 2000. I belong to Generation Y. The pursuit for self-fulfillment is our luck and curse at the same time. If we don’t have enough freedom and can’t produce new ideas, we fall into a deep suffering hole.


Our generation wants everything at the same time: A good job, a lot of free time and all that should also have a purpose. We don’t want to just follow orders. We want to be ask about our opinion and receive appreciation and praise (probably because we have been criticized in the German education system our whole life).

Numerous doors with countless opportunities open up to Generation Y. Global mobility and modern technology make it possible to work from anywhere and whenever in the world.


We are confronted with doors behind which there are unknown worlds,

paths and adventures that we want to discover and experience.


The big problem? Which door should we choose? Which door promises the best opportunities?

The second big problem? We want to predict and control what’s behind. Because although we take risks, we also want to have some sort of security.


A look back

When I look back onto the last year, I look back on a life full of discovers, adventure and self-fulfillment.

Already one and a half years ago I wanted to travel through Europe and check if I would want to live in another European country. Instead, I flew to Canada because I felt so “homesick”

It took two jobs and another year until I was brave enough to get out. Got out of social ideas what the life of a mid-thirties should look like (settled down and constantly the same).


I look back on places and meetings with people and fantastic figures that inspired me to create fantastic stories. Without my trip through Europe, my current book project (“Travel with a tortoise. Fantastic facts about selected sightseeing spots in Europe”) wouldn’t exist.



I look back in a year without cigarettes. Often, it wasn’t easy and there are still situations a few times per month that I want to have a cigarette. But I made it and I still can’t believe it myself. I was probably in the right living situation and chose the right strategy (group sessions with a therapist and self-hypnosis videos with Michael Sealey).


I look back on a year of further training in nature and wilderness pedagogy that will be finished next month. I have mixed feelings about it. Although I got closer to nature again and I definitely got some impulses by that, but my travels had the consequence that I didn’t concentrate on my training a hundred percent.


Plenty of options

Winter is coming to an end, spring is close. First buds are noticeable on the trees and even when there will be some more cold spells, I feel that spring is close. A new phase of life will begin, full

of chances, full of opportunities.

How will I decide? How will the universe support me? In the last couple of weeks I asked my tarot cards quite often, meditated and had a look inside myself. The thought carousel keeps spinning around and makes me feel dizzy.


Now, I am sitting here, reflecting about my situation and have to choose between three possibilities:

A life in Canada with immigration stress once again, little money but stunning landscapes and positive Canadians

A life in Germany with 4 days of work, 3 days of possible traveling and writing, school holidays off which gives me the chance to do freelancing jobs, travel and write, but little money and nagging Germans

Or I choose a seasonal job in Greece and try something new until I’m clear about what I want


I, a Millennial, know that beside that are even more opportunities but I fade them out. I have to reduce my options and I’m already overwhelmed with the three above. I’ve send 15 (!) applications in the last two and a half weeks, just to make sure that every door is open.


I don’t want to make the wrong decision (like moving to Switzerland or taking the wrong  job in Kiel) and I want to know what’s behind those doors. But they stay closed, I can only look through the keyhole and guess what’s behind. I see little pieces that don’t make a sense (yet) until I walk through and I see the big picture.


Read the signs

One of our assignments for our wilderness class this month was reading the signs at our sit spot.

My goodness that was an experience!


Many paths, lined with obstacles (sticks). You can’t see where the paths lead to from my sit spot.


Right next to me on the left, was a trail to the house (I don’t want to go there, too static, although with a nice view), on my right a trail to a fence (it’s closed).

Three more pathways open up on the grass. One will later turn out to be a dead end. The path on the very right passes a tree that is bend to the right in the middle and is grown back to the left and then straight up. So on this path I would have to bend myself.


I kept getting the same message from the tree I was leaning onto (btw a douglas fir that spread wonderful lemon scent):


Walk the path and trust.


So I get up and start walking.

Further away I see the garden gate and know that behind there are even more opportunities. A road that leads to foreign worlds that I haven’t been to yet. Tempting, right? 😉

As long as I haven’t make a decision, the universe can’t weave its magic. I have to be in the flow, only then I will be able to get the best for my future.

Because that’s what we Millennials want: Only the best for our future 😉


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