Patrick (2/2): About meat pies and sausage rolls, awe and the fear of death

I moved to Germany 7.5 years ago

The only reason I came here was because I met my German wife. Once she finished her Erasmus year in Paris she had to move back to Germany and I didn’t want to have a long distance relationship so I said “Ok, I’ll come with you”. Also, I wanted to finally see and experience another country.

I have a German visa now because I am married, I have work and would be able to finance myself and because I live here for so long. It makes travelling definitely easier. I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I enjoy living in Kiel. But of course it’s completely different from Paris. Although, Kiel is totally laid back. Eventually I want to start windsurfing here because I love surfing.

I like Kiel for what it is.

The place where I come from in Australia is a coastal city surrounded by bush land, very green. You have the coast, you can do bushwalking and all that stuff. It’s a friendly and laid back place to live, really no pressure whatsoever. I definitely miss the weather there, the hot summers.. man I miss it.

Compared to Kiel: I think here it’s kinda a laid back lifestyle as well, very similar. Also the windsurfing and the kitesurfing that is extremely popular here.

Kiel makes me kinda feel like moving home. It’s similar. Weather-wise not so much. I don’t like the weather here that much.

The weather is so unpredictable. I like to plan when I go surfing and here you can’t plan it.


Differences between the worlds: “Meat pies and sausage rolls in Germany – it’s just not the same!”

One thing I miss about Australia is the meat pies and sausage rolls. I mean you can buy it here in the city from an english store but it’s dried out and it’s just not the same. You really can’t get it anywhere. I really want to introduce Germans to Australian food.

I’m planning, one day, to do my own Café/bar and if I do, I especially want to serve and make meat pies and sausage rolls and introduce the Germans to it.

You can’t beat a good meat pie and a beer. It’s just the perfect combo.

Here you have a good BBQ culture, too. In Australia we have this huge BBQ culture, I miss that. Here you can have a BBQ in the park but you have to take your BBQ with you. In Australia we have public BBQ’s basically everywhere and it charges 1 or 2 $ to use it for an hour, they are always well maintained, clean and you never have to be worried about it.

I miss surfing a lot. Where I lived in Australia the beach was never far, I could walk there, ride my bike and I was there almost every weekend or after school. I borrowed my friend’s surf board every now and then and we were just hanging out at the beach.

I definitely miss that – and the beach parties.


A moment of awe: “When the blizzard hit I was so excited. My first real snow storm!”

Where I lived in Australia there was rarely or no snow. We have this snow resort  that’s like a good 10 hour drive away, but I didn’t really experience the natural snow.

The first time I really ever saw snow was when I was living in the South of France. It was April and I’ve gone hiking and it was a sunny, warm day. In the distance I could see clouds and I thought “ok, these clouds are rather dark, I better get home before that hits”.

The clouds were moving faster than I predicted and it got dark all of the sudden and out of nowhere: A blizzard! Some hours ago it’s been sunny and warm, a nice summer day.

And then a blizzard and I thought “Wow, cool, I’m loving this!”

I wasn’t even wearing the right clothes, I was wearing summer clothes, shorts, T-shirts and then this blizzard!

I had to hurry to get home because I was freezing my ass off. When I was back home I went inside, changed gear and went outside again and enjoyed the snow.

When the blizzard hit I was so excited. My first real snow storm!

That was my first really exciting day in Europe. So cool!


“Free-climbing made me realize I’m not afraid of death”

When I lived in Australia I was sitting in Highschool and I wasn’t the best student because I didn’t care about studying. I was just thinking “I want to get out, I hate sitting here having to learn shit.”

I wanted to go outside and explore…see the world. That’s kinda the reason why I left Australia. When I turned 17 I just wanted to go to Europe. That’s what I wanted to do: Travel and experience new stuff.

(Southern France) was more spiritual and it was there that I thought about life and what I would do with it. A little bit of soul searching. I did a lot of that while I was free-climbing, white water rafting or I just go hiking for hours to the mountains. These areas were so quiet, no noise, no people, no cars.


Photo by Patrick_Perpignan


There was a nice breeze, the wind, the trees and occasionally you would see a fox, wild boar or a rabbit. It was so beautiful and I enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I guess it made me who I am now. More relaxed, more open, more accepting.

Accepting me as a person. Now I don’t get stressed whatsoever. I just accept that shit is gonna happen. Things can go wrong or there are people who hate me, something like that. Shit happens. I accept that. I’m just relaxed. I’m never angry, I never really hate people.

Nothing really scares me so much. It helps with the free-climbing. It helps with your judgement. Any wrong move could mean death or a nasty injury. Death is also a fact of life I have come to peace with. You’re gonna die one day, whatever, it’s gonna happen, there’s no avoiding it.


I guess that lifestyle made me realize, I’m not afraid of death. I left that fear behind me on the shores of my distant homeland.

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