Returnee: Jenny

Where and for how long did you live abroad?

I have lived for 2 years in Australia, mainly in Cairns and WA.

What was different in Australia?

Basically everything. Weather, nature, wildlife and culture. People are friendly and you are very welcomed. Nothing seems to be a problem. Aussies use the slogan „no worries“ a lot and it is definitely my life life motto.

You get more chances, especially workwise. If you want to do something it’s more about motivation and confidence than a gapless CV/resume. Everything is way more unbureaucratic, germans could learn from that!

I find food supply is better, you buy local products, livestock farming is rare, many people are self-sufficient. Groceries are partially more expensive than in Germany, especially milk products.

Electronics are a bit cheaper All in all it’s my dream country and in the last years it became my home. The sun, the unique and breathtaking fauna, the relaxed people and the possibilities you have: All that makes this continent so special and offers an incredible high living quality for people who live there.

How did you feel when you came back to Germany?

In the last 6 years I came home three times after living abroad for a long time. One time I also came back from Australia and I have to say that it’s always very very difficult for me. I usually need about a year to get used to everything again. Usually I can’t stand staying very long (like this time) and I move abroad again (this time to Canada). For me, personally, everything is too complicated here. There are a lot of rules, people are busy with themselves so they don’t take their time to chat with neighbors, family or friends. Sometimes even a „hello“ is too much for them.

I became very depressed, unfortunately this happens to many people when they come back. Although it is great to see family and friends, you change so much that friendships change too or break.

What do you appreciate about Germany?

I definitely missed the food. Good chees and Quark (sth like greek yogurt)! I also missed the great health system, I unfortunately was sick quite often and here in Germany you get taken care of better. Doctors are trained better and there are a lot of specialists.

Australia is, in many things, behind other countries, especially in building, renewable energies and health system but also in many other areas. Also, the free/cheap education system in Germany is awesome. Studying in Australia is very expensive!

What do you miss about living abroad?

Australia is not a foreign country for me anymore it’s home and although there is no matching visa form e right now, it is and will always be my dream to live there. I miss my friends, the mindset, the sun, the easyness, my life on a farm and the vastness. It’s indescribable how much you can fall in love with a country and Australia is my true love!

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