Sandra (2/3)

“Helping hands are needed everywhere and you get to know more and more people”

At home, the topic was so present I actually thought of nothing else. Day, night, day, night. If there was an event at the AfA (refugee camp) I knew of it. There was a jam session organized by a tattoo artist, he just brought drums and wanted to play some music for the people there.

The kids took over and some of them could play the drums almost professionally. That was a really good session and everyone clapped and danced.

And the ice was broken

Helping hands are needed everywhere. You get to know more and more people.

For example there was a demonstration: The right wing party NPD was in front of the ‘Jägerkaserne’ where refugees had just moved in. Everyone came. I have never attended a political demonstration before. For me it was not about saying “NPD is shitty”, so that was not the issue, it was not about presenting myself as a left-wing person.

For me it was about protection so that refugees who live there have no fear when there any idiots standing with torches

On this demo I talked to someone who is also a volunteer for  REFUGIUM TRIER and I told him that my boyfriend Stefan and I have a Christmas wish. We wanted to celebrate this year differently than before. Without roasted ham or such stuff, we wanted to help somewhere.

We wanted to go to Lesbos and help there. I had seen a documentary about Bita Kermani, a doctor from Cologne who was on Lesbos. She helps refugees to get out of the boats, she rubs them dry, makes sandwiches and stuff. They need helping hands there. We have looked into it and the problem in winter is that the airport of Lesbos is very small and a trip there is very very expensive.

You would use all the money for the trip that you have to help people so we said “We’re too far away. We let people help who are closer (to Lesbos), who do not need to use all of their money for a long trip”

So we had the idea to go to Calais. At Christmas we wanted to go to the “Jungle”

Then we thought about how we could gather more volunteers and can come serve up donations. Since I have started a facebook group: TRIER OHNE GRENZEN

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