Signs of life

What was going on in my life the last couple of months?

I couldn’t really choose one specific place in Europe where I would want to live long-term, so I decided to try it again in Canada.


However, I once more had no luck. Regulations have tightened since the implementation of the Express Entry and every employer has to go through an LMIA process which is a huge bureaucratic hassle and a payment of 100CA$. There is no guaranty that you get a LMIA confirmation.


So I went back to Germany – with the intention to completely work as a freelancer (what I actually wanted to do for years now).



I began to do an intensive research, I invited offers from insurances, wrote a business plan, went to an information evening of the local chamber of commerce, had a meeting with an accountant and contacted several potential clients.


But soon enough it turned out, that it’s not the right timing (due to lack of financial resources and a too small network in the area where I wanted to move to). Also, high insurance costs of at least 700€ per month (in the first 3 years, after that it’s 250€ more per month and if your income increases, your health insurance increases, too) scared me off – again.


The good thing about it:

I will provide the information I found out about

“freelance pedagogues in Germany”

on my blog in the next couple of weeks/months – good for you 😉


I still had to come up with a plan B: A combination of working part-time and freelancing.



My demands were not low and that limited my potential work field a lot: Part-time (20 to max. 30 hours), Fridays off, school holidays off (to work in summer camps and to be able to do more voluntary work).


Therefore, the search for a job was quite difficult. My countless applications, ended in 2500km of driving back and forth to job interviews (in two and a half months) and eventually my nerves were on edge. One of the main reasons for that was mainly an institution that made me so angry again about the German social system: The Unemployment Service.


When you are a jobseeker in Germany and you’re not rich, you can’t avoid the “Agentur für Arbeit”. And whoever had to deal with this service before, knows about the humiliating and patronizing way they treat you there (read more about that here)


I was told that it’s not about what I want, what or where I would like to work.


It would only be about the necessity, the shortage on the job market. Also, it would not be the goal that I would work as a freelancer because then they wouldn’t get money through my unemployment insurance anymore.


But the peak of the iceberg was that I wasn’t allowed to leave town for more than 24 hours.


What an insane rule. Did you ever leave the house at 4am or 5am, drove 4 hours and then performed very well in a one and a half hour job interview? What about jobs that are further away, like 6 or 7 hours?



Thinking about new ideas

Beside the search for a job and the development of freelancing on the side, I also started looking for possibilities to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

I kind of have an idea and an approximate direction I want to turn to, but I still have to do some more research and learn some new stuff to see if that is something I would really want to do.


If not Canada, then at least the possibility to live

a flexible lifestyle of not being in the same place all the time 😉





Of course, the last couple of months left its mark. Actually wanting to work as a freelancer but not (yet) being able to, is immensely frustrating. To make a compromise, work part-time and then not finding a job where I could work only 4 days a week, is even more frustrating.


I was caught up in between

“shall I give up, adapt and only be employed?”


“I don’t want to give up! I want to work self-employed!”.


My overthinking did hardly give me some rest. Self-doubts arouse, “am I maybe too naïve or idealistic because I want to realize my dreams?”


Then I started doubting if I really want to work as a freelance pedagogue. And this led to the final thought that I should probably better turn my back to pedagogy. But I can’t help it…education is exactly what I want to do and it’s a wide field.


On top of that, I was also stuck in the wrong city! Nothing against a visit in beautiful Trier. The town is full of historical, roman sightseeing spots that are worth to see. But being stuck there for three months was not good for me.


So I withdraw to protect everyone around me from my bad mood

and spent time with my best friend “tinnitus”

who constantly peeped at me all day long – in both ears.


Time for writing? Nope!

I neither had time nor nerves to write a new blog article or to keep working on my book project. That’s why I focused on posting more articles to topics like education and environment protection on my facebook page. Are you on facebook?

Have a look here 

And to give you an impression of what I lately posted there, here my top 5:


  1. Here’s what’s wrong with the Western education system


  1. Do schools kill creativity? 


  1. Openness to Experience: The Gates of the Mind 

  1. 7 ways to “End Plastic Pollution” starting at home this Earth Day. Easy ways to work this year’s theme into how and where you live 


  1. How trees talk to each other 



Eventually, I found a job in Stuttgart where I can work a part-time/freelance combo. But before I started something new, I had to get out of town to relax and get some energy.

So I went to The Hague for a couple of days (I LOVE IT!) and finally started writing again 😉

I’m happy to be back here and share my thoughts and experiences with you!



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