Tom (3/3)

“I’m more relaxed. I plan less. I take more risks”

And in my third year I was finally ready to live far away (from civilization). I got my firearms license so that I could hunt my own food. I’m not there yet. I don’t have a property off the grid yet; I don’t have a wife who would gut the moose; no children yet who would be homeschooled and learn how to live from nature; substituted lotions, medicine and spices from the plants in our surrounding nature.

But I started the first step and bought a book about the flora in the Yukon, I look for affordable properties to get closer to my goal. I camp in summer and winter and learn to accept the nature, weather and climate instead of complaining when it gets uncomfortable.

Living up North changed me. My personality developed. I am more relaxed. I plan less. I take more risks. I am sure that my personal development would also have taken place in Germany over the years. But in my old job I would have developed to a worse person caused by stress, pressure by costumers and from my management and my following resignation.

Life should not be about looking forward for your pension. There must be happiness before that. I eventually stayed in the Yukon. But I occasionally had to leave because without leaving I wouldn’t have met Kiki. I wouldn’t have met Wencke and Philipp who visited me a couple of months later in the Yukon.

I met so many people during my little getaway to Vancouver with who I am still in contact with. And something else happened: I met Sebastian again. His year in Canada was over and before he went back to Argentina he came to Vancouver. We went to the Christmas market and had so much fun. A few months later, his sister sent me a message and told me that Sebastian died. He was in his early 20’s. His friends still write him on his birthday on his facebook profile that they miss him.

I wouldn’t have seen him again without my cabin fever that forced me to leave Whitehorse for a couple of weeks. Sometimes we don’t understand right away the things that happen.

I think I have a gift to inspire people when I tell stories. I can say that I am willing to share my good and my bad experiences. It’s up to the reader what message he/she takes from my story.

Time will tell where I will go. And time is slower in the Yukon than in other places. Only one thing is for sure:

My journey through life is not over yet. And it happens in my new life, not in my old life.

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