Trevor: Dive into spiritual worlds

Nature versus prefabricated buildings


I grew up in New Zealand. Life is easy there. You feel very comfortable. There are lots of secluded beaches and mountains and you will not see anyone. New Zealand is very remote, it is nice. Here (in Germany) you always meet people.


I have also lived in England, where I partook a Rudolf Steiner seminar. In England everything was very open, surrounded by a bluebell forest and hills. That was really nice.


My girlfriend back then said “We could study in Germany. But she did not tell me anything about the prefabricated buildings. “


So I moved to Germany and began to study Eurythmy. When I got there I was shocked. It was horrible!


Until I was 24, I have only lived in beautiful nature in New Zealand.  


In Germany I felt that my spiritual eyes disappeared because I lived in a city.  


After that I was in New Zealand again for ten years, because my roots are there and it is very nice. But I have a family member in Germany and so I came back. I like it here in winter. The darkness, the cold, it is very cozy. I used to think it was not.


First spiritual experiences


My earliest memory is that my mother would turn out the light and would say good night. And immediately the room would begin to vibrate. And then ropes would come through the room as if someone were swinging colored ropes through the air.

And the ropes would be around me and would whirl around, so I would be locked in that knot. Then they would lift me up, and I was thrown out.

At that moment, I knew I was asleep. 


Sometimes it was like on a roller coaster.

It was frightening, but also exciting. 


I never told my mother because I thought it was normal. Weird, isn’t it?Later I had no such experiences.


When I was 19, I worked in a landscape company and there was a very interesting Irish woman. She said “have you ever had the experience that you are paralyzed? That you cannot move and it vibrates?”

And I said “yes, I knew it quite a lot!” Many people have that in New Zealand. This happens quite often.


Sometimes I was at school and I thought “oh shit, now this sound comes back” (humming) and I could not move my hand. 


This Irish girl said there are many Europeans who have this feeling when they come to New Zealand. In New Zealand, there are quite a lot of bulky people, they are paralyzed because they are exposed to nature, the strong vibrations. You do not notice the vibrations in the city, just in the country.


In New Zealand are different energies.


“Rudolf Steiner has completely changed my point of view”


When I was 20, I met a woman and we fell in love. She had many Rudolf Steiner books and I read them. This has completely changed my point of view. 


I was suddenly open to topics like reincarnation and life after death.

I was impressed very much, I did not know of these things before. 


Before, I was a young farmer and always drinking. I always felt funny in groups. This was always normal for me.  


Rudolf Steiner is a lot about biodynamic agriculture. He gives instructions on how to renew nature, with homeopathy for the earth. Rudolf Steiner says that when you do homeopathic preparations on the plants, speak with the elementary beings, talk with the trees and the plants, then you will also see and feel spiritual nature.


About the Rose Cross Meditation


I quickly became interested in elementals. There are Rudolf Steiner books on how to get to elementals. I’ve dealt with it intensively.  


Therefore, I have done twice a day the Rose Cross Meditation to expand my consciousness. It is a very complicated process. You imagine a green plant growing with transparent blood. The transparent blood is an expression of purity and humanity has red blood. This is an expression of non-purified blood. 


When you meditate, you see in your mind a rose growing. You feel their purity and feel that the human being is not pure. And then you imagine the human as he is – purified. Then he will have the blood as an expression of transformed purity.  Imagine a black cross, and around the black cross seven red roses arise. They say the farther you are, the faster you can imagine the roses.


When you do the Rose Cross Meditation, you see things differently. The result was that I was a vegetarian for a year or two, because everything around you is intensified. 

You get high when you do this form of meditation for a long time. 


If you do not drink alcohol, do not smoke,

do not listen to electronic music, do not watch television,

you see the world you can only perceive.

You feel the beauty of nature very strongly.  



You have a very euphoric feeling. But on the other hand, I also had melancholy, loneliness, and depression. You are almost too sensitive to the world.

If you are on a spiritual path, you are on a lonely path. 


And I also realized it is like taking the seven stages of initiation.Like at the first stage with Jesus, when he was in the garden where he was alone. A lot of people have that, but they block it.


About Elementals


There are people who see elementals like gnomes, elves, sylphs, and goblins. They are everywhere. 


People who live in a material era dress these figures in common terms. They say “this is a dwarf”. But they are only lights or flames. Rather a feeling. 


I have seen elementals twice. A light would be dancing on the grass and making big jumps. I was absolutely awake, ten in the morning, on a cold, icy day. I started to meditate and it took me six months to see an elemental. I did not expect it at all. You become very receptive for such things.


I was only aware of the elemental. On this day I was a bit unhappy because I had argued with my girlfriend. Her children had offended me and I was crushed because I thought I could get along with her children. 


I felt that the light (elemental) came to comfort me.

But it was crazy, like a comet’s tail, and then light was behind it. 


But until that time, I hadn’t smoked weed for two years, no drugs, no meat, no alcohol, no TV, no cinema or radio. My girlfriend was very demanding and dogmatic. 


The second time I saw an elemental, I was high up on a mountain in the Alps. I was sitting under a bridge and bathing my feet, and right next to me I heard a loud burping. I turned around and there was only a glimmer on the stone. But it was like a goblin. He was just chatty.


Elementals – a taboo topic


You should not talk to others about such things. I have read in a book by Rudolf Steiner, you must not tell such things. And I always thought this was so they would not think you were better. But it was so no one would think you’re insane. 


I have not talked about this topic for a long time. I haven’t had an epiphany for a long time. And that’s ok. If I would be living in nature, it might be better. 


But everyone has this ability and they are not aware of it.



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