Vancouver – my love (part 2)

Vancouver, the green city!

Because of its unique location it’s a paradise for outdoor fans, (almost) everything is possible here! Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, jogging, Yoga at the beach, kayaking, surfing, standup paddling, cycling…everyone will find something to be active!


Stanley Park

is located in Vancouver and beside trees , raccoons and ducks ,you will also find the Totem Poles , the aquarium , the Sishwak rock , beaches , the Seawall and much more! It is especially worth it to go for a bike ride (about 1 hour) around the seawall, walking is about 2 ½ hours . If you’re lucky, you will see otters, seals or even a whale! In the heart of Stanley Park, it is so quiet that you can hardly believe that the vibrant Downtown is just a short distance away.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

is a gem! Not many tourists come here because he it’s a bit further from Downtown. On the weekends you will rather see local residents with their dogs. Once I even saw a woman who walked her pig!
The air is crystal clear and you do not meet tourists all the time. I usually went for a walk in the forest, then to the beaches (Spanish Banks, Locarno Beach, Jericho Beach) to head back towards downtown.

Lynn Canyon Park

As I wrote in my previous post, the (free) suspension bridge and fairytale forests are exactly here at Lynn Canyon. In summer the 30 Foot Pool is super busy, so I would recommend a visit in fall or spring.
There are many hiking trails that vary in their length and difficulty starting from the Suspension Bridge or from Lynn Canyon headquarters.

Lighthouse Park

in West Vancouver is also super nice, but unfortunately often crowded with tourists. You should definitely enjoy the sunset here! It’s worth it!


Oh the Beaches! They are so great 🙂 One thing that all beaches have in common is the views of the mountains! If you are lucky, there will still be snow on the mountains when you’re sitting on the beach on a sunny day in May/June (bring a warm jacket though.

My favorite: Jericho Beach
in Kitsilano/West Point Grey is a small bay with low dunes and a large park for those who want to have a BBQ and for those who love to go to the beach, but rather lie on the grass. It is extremely quiet and those who prefer an active day, you can rent a standup paddle board or a Kayak. By bike it’s just 25 minutes from Downtown, but you can also take the bus!

Locarno Beach und Spanish Banks

are long beaches where you often see families. For the more active amongst you: There are beach volleyball courts at Spanish Banks Beach! In addition, the beaches are just across the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, so you can easily walk around in the forest and then relax on the beach.

Kits Beach

is located in Kitsilano and is very lively in the summer! It’s mostly about “see and be seen”. The beach is only a 20 minutes bike ride from downtown, the bus brings you there in around 15 minutes (depending on traffic). You can play beach volleyball or rent standup paddle boards and kayaks. Also, there is a large park area and a big playground that attracts mainly families with children.

One of my favorites: Sunset Beach

Not as quiet as the beaches on the other side (you constantly hear the traffic in the background), but central and it is in walking distance from Downtown. I often went to Sunset Beach to relax after work.
It’s a great place to watch and enjoy the Celebration of Lights (firework competition in late July/early August)! Since it is not as crowded as at English Bay Beach…

English Bay Beach

Any travel guide will tell you “Go there!” Therefore, you will see a lot of tourists. And it’s loud. Crowded in the summer. I ‘m not a fan.

One of my favorite beaches in Vancouver is Third Beach

You can bike there from the Westend within 15 minutes. It’s a small beach at Stanley Park, very crowded in the summer, but for me it was the closest beach (I lived in the Westend). Tuesday evenings is Drum Circle! You should go, it’s worth it! Drumming and listening to drumming in a relaxed atmosphere, relaxed people. Enjoy the sunset!

All beaches have showers and toilets!

Bowen Island

I highly recommend Bowen Island! Small island and easy, quick to get to (by public transport 45 minutes from Downtown, then another 20 minutes with BC ferries) and far away from any city noise! Whether it’s a walk around Killarney lake (about 2 hours), a short but steep walk to a viewpoint (45 minutes one way, from where you have an awesome view to Vancouver ) or a more difficult hike to Mount Gardner (approximately 6 hours) … it’s worth it! From Mount Gardner you have an amazing view over the Sunshine Coast, West Vancouver, Downtown and UBC! After strolling (or hiking around) visit Snug Café on the way back to the ferry and enjoy one of their super delicious soups with Panini!


Cypress Mountain

In the summer you should definitely hike to St. Mark ‘s Summit! Roundtrip: 4 hours, and a wonderful view all over the Sunshine Coast and Howe Sound! In winter, you can ski or snowboard on Cypress mountain and it’s a cheaper alternative to Grouse Mountain! A special plus: You have an incredible view on Vancouver!

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is a very busy mountain – in summer and in winter (also, skiing here is very expensive)! Anyone who wants to save the expensive gondola ride should do ‘Grind’ or BCMC trail (which I prefer because fewer people and not just steps, and still exhausting 😉 ). Not done yet? Then you should go on hiking to Goat Mountain – difficult, partly very steep and strenuous, and lasts depending on your condition 4 -5 hours. From the top you have the best view of the entire area! Incredible!!

Seymour Mountain

Similar to Cypress Mountain. Cheap skiing and snowboarding alternative to Grouse Mountain. In summer it is a great hiking area!

What do you think?

Big city + nature = yes, that’s life! 🙂

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