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Trier – Zurich/Lucerne – Denmark – Sweden – Norway – Netherlands – Portugal – Spain


Living abroad

It’s the third time that I back all my stuff and leave the country. I just don’t feel comfortable in Germany.

Every time I get asked why I want to live abroad, I say:


It’s like having a second life in the life I’m living right now.


After one year in Germany again I can say: Germany is not the country I want to live in. I grew up here, that’s enough.

Where to go to? I’m not sure. But I’ve learned from my Ireland experience and now I will have a closer look on several countries. It’s not about traveling to many countries but really get to know them.


And deep inside of me there is a feeling that I belong to a different place.

Wherever the yellow house is with palm trees in the yard, the green hills in the background and the ocean nearby that I always see in front of my inner eye as the place I belong, I hope I arrive sometime 😉



Setting priorities: Time or money?

In the last few years the topic “freelancing” came up many times. But because I was living abroad I kept postponing my dream.

The reason was that I was depending on my employer when I tried to immigrate to Canada (I got sponsored) and I couldn’t change jobs or work as a freelancer.


Back in Germany my wish for working as a freelancer and implementing my own ideas came up again. But without money it’s not easy to realize this dream.

So I started working and soon realized “wrong job, wrong place”.


I missed inspiration from my environment. I missed passion and fire in my soul. Every Friday when I sat down at my desk (I only had to work until 11am), working on plans for freelancing, writing articles for my blog or a story, I forgot time and flourished.

But one day per week was not enough time for working on children’s books ideas let alone creating a concept and a business plan.


In the following months I changed jobs, had a full day 5-day-week again and started taking further education which also took one day per week.


Yet again: No time for focusing on writing.


Reducing hours? But then I couldn’t have afford my further education and saving money at the same time.

No matter how I looked at my situation: Time and money were crucial factors.


Should I work more, earn more money and create a financial base for working as a freelancer? Make more money when working in a management position and doing office work which I hate?


Should I work less, have more time for writing and be able to create a complete concept and business plan for freelancing?


I chose time and decided to take a break until Christmas – despite a low budget. My soul is more important to me right now.


Low budget

In the last year I’ve set clear priorities: I’ve spend quite a bit of money fort wo courses and a „feeling homesick“- flight to Vancouver.

Although I managed to still save money, it’s not enough to just travel for 5 months.


So what now? Making compromises and sacrifices.


My travel budget was low anyways in the last few years (due to expenses like visas, work permits, translations, language test etc., living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and flights to Germany once a year), I don’t care much about traveling with a low budget and know how to deal with little money.


I love cooking and meeting new people (couchsurfing, hostels)

– that’s why I’m not a person for staying in hotels or eating out all the time.


A few nights in a van is a great adventure and there’s nothing more beautiful than waking up in nature.

I added some tips from Nomadic Matt to my experiences of low budget traveling. It’s worth it to check out his website: http://www.nomadicmatt.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/nomadicmatt/.


I also decided to do volunteering work again and already have arranged three jobs in Sweden and Norway (between 1-4 weeks each job). In Canada and Ireland I’ve had great experiences with it and I’m looking forward to it.

Volunteering work for 4-6 hours a day/5 days per week and there is still enough time to write.

And if a paid job comes up for 1-3 weeks, I’m in 😉


Now I need your help!

I’m interested in other countries, other cultures, other languages and traditions, other food.

In short: I’m interested in differences and otherness.


We can learn so much from each other when we are more open-minded; accept and respect differences and others; remove barriers and make a step towards each other.


So I would like to publish ideas from different countries on my blog.


And that’s why I need your help:

Do you know extraordinary (alternative) social, pedagogical and/or environmental projects I should write about?


I’m also very interested in the topic “homeschooling”. Do you know families I could interview?


And if you have some recommendations of places I should visit, that would be great. BUT: Not the typical touristy sights. I’m looking for off-the-path spots, insider tips like a flaky bar on a remote island in the middle of nowhere where you get the best meal ever 😉


I will be in the following countries:

Switzerland (Zurich/Lucerne mid of July)

Denmark (Copenhagen, beginning of August)

Sweden and Norway (August/September)

Netherlands (beginning of October)

Belgium/Northern France (end of October)

Portugal and Spain (November/December)


I’m looking forward for your recommendations 🙂



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